Sir P.T .Science College – Modasa

College campus, Dhansura Road. District: Aravalli, AT.Post: MODASA-383315 (GUJARAT)

Accredited with CGPA of 3.52 ‘A’ grade in AAA, 2024.

Accredited with CGPA of 2.79 Seven point scale at B++ grade by NAAC in Second Cycle.

Accredited with CGPA of 3.04 ‘A’ grade in AAA by KCG, Government of Gujarat, 2017.

Principal View

Dr. K.P. Patel

Since 1968, the college has been bifurcated into two separate independent units and the present Sir P.T. Science College came into being afresh. The college, at present has physical, inner and psychic energy potentials required for any Academic Organization. Generally, the scenario of education lacks the understanding of the deeper layers of our reality. The system of education has been strong on the externals, weak on the internals. But, as an academic institution, I dare say, we have a positive attitude to experimentation and innovation. We encourage improved teaching learning practices. We appreciate an overgrowing sensitivity to community and global concerns. We resolve minimized conflicts through a democratic process. We encourage interactive, dialogue-resolving approach. On the whole, we have been able to impart developmental and evolving characteristic to the college.

About Dr K.P.Patel

Department: CHEMISTRY

Date of Birth: 01-06-1965
Date of Joining: 01-05-1995 (Sir P.T. Science College, Modasa)
30-12-2005 (Dept. of Chemistry, Gujarat University)
24-02-2007 (Principal, Arts, Science and Commerce College Lunawada)
08-12-2016 (Principal, Sir P.T. Science College, Modasa)
Designation: Principal
Contact Information:
Mobile No: 9408064680 Email Id:
Qualification: M.Sc.,M.Ed., Ph.D.

Research Interest:

1 Synthetic Inorganic Chemistry.
2 Stability of Complex
3 Physical Studies of Binary and Ternary Heterochelates
4 Soil Analysis

Paper Publication:

1 Effect of Excess Concentration of Secondary Ligand on Stability of Mixed Ligand complex. -2001, ISSN No. 0970-7077
2 PH-metric studies on Mixed Ligand Complexes of Cd(II) with 2.2′ Bipyridlamine as Primary Ligand and Diamines as Secondary Ligand. – 2002, ISSN No. 0970-7077.
3 Electrical Conductivity Studies of Arylhydrozino Bismalemide Epoxy resin Cured Materials.
4 PH Metric studies on some Binary Complexes of Dysprosium (III) and Ytterdium (III) with Ligands Containing N, N-Donor Atoms.2008, ISSN No. 0970-7077.
5 Physico-Chemical Characterization of under ground water used in Modasa and other Village of Modasa Taluka. Dist. Sabarkantha (Gujarat)- 2007, ISSN No. 0972-768X
6 Synthesis, Characterization, Spectral and Antimicrobial Studies on Some Complexes of Transition Metal- 2008.
7 Study of presence of available potassium in soil of Lunawada Taluka territory-2014 ISSN No. 0975-508X
8 Analysis of Phosphorus in soil of Lunawada Taluka Dist. Panchmahals, (Gujarat.)- 2014, ISSN No. 0975-508X
9 Physico-Chemical Characterization of farmland soil used in some villages of Lunawada Taluka, Dist, Mahisagar (Gujarat) India., ISSN No. 2250-3153.
10 Phosphorus Analysis of Farmland Soil in some villages of Khanpur Taluka Dist. Mahisagar (Gujarat), ISSN No. 0972-768X
11 The Protection of Domistic Violence act 2005 (with special reference to Human Right) 2014, ISSN No. 2348-8123
12 Shri Bhagvad Geeta Ke Pramukh Tikakar.-2014, ISSN No. 2348-8123.
13 Synthesis and Characterization of Some Ternary Complexes of Zn (II) & Cd (II) and their antimicrobial Activity.-2011, ISSN No. 0972-768X.
14 A solution study of Complex Formation of Some Diamined with Lanthanones.-2009 ISSN No. 0973-4945

Book Publication:

1 Coordination Chemistry (Binary & ternary Complexes), -2014 ISBN No. 978-93-84485-22-1
2 Chemical Bonding -2014, ISBN No. 978-93-81428-40-5
3 Advanced Organic Chemistry-2014, ISBN No. 978-93-81428-38-2
4 Physical Chemistry, 2014, ISBN No. 978-93-81428-39-9
5 Environment Science, ISBN No. 978-93-84485
6 Mission TET (Standard 6 to 8 Teacher Eligibity Test Books), ISBN No. 978-81-921209-8-0

Research Project:

1 UGC Minor Research Project:
Synthesis Characterization spectral & antimicrobial to Study the complexation of ligands with transition and rare heavy metals in varieth of aqueous and mixed solvents. Spet-2009.