General Behaviour

For the sake of good order, no less than in his/her own interest, every student should observe the following regulations:

  • Students must respect as silence zones (the front lobby, all the corridors, and the area surrounding the library) while classes are in progress. Students who cause any disturbance in these zones shall be liable to a fine at the discretion of the Principal.
  • Students are expected to read the announcements on the notice boards every day, both on arrival at the College and before they depart. Failure to do so could have serious consequences. Ignorance of instructions posted on the notice board shall not be accepted as an excuse for non-compliance with them.
  • Students are required to observe rigorously the hours of work of the College Office. Students are required to carry their identity cards on their persons at all times, and to present them for inspection when requested to do so by a professor or competent College authority.
  • Students who have legitimate grievances are encouraged to place them before the Principal personally or through the suggestion box placed on the corridor outside the Principal’s office. On no account may students organize protest meetings or signatures campaigns.
  • Students may not form any College society or club without the prior permission of the Principal. 
  • No outside person shall be invited to address a class or College club without the explicit permission of the Principal. No tours or picnics of any class or any society may be arranged without the prior permission of the Principal, nor shall this permission be given unless members of the staff assume responsibility for the excursion.
  • The organizers of class socials or get-togethers must contact the Principal to book the hall. They must abide by the rules laid out in the “application form” that will be supplied. No outsiders are allowed at these events.
  • Students must park their two-wheeler vehicles only in the enclosure allotted to them in the parking lot near the main gate of campus. Sitting on parked vehicles and/or in the parking lot is prohibited and liable to a fine. The watchman at the parking lot is authorized to enforce
  • discipline. Please note that four-wheelers are not allowed on campus. Students of college who misbehave at another college, or in any public place, or who bring discredit in any way upon themselves or upon this College, are liable to instant dismissal.
  • New students are to be welcomed with respect and affection. Any type of harassment, ragging or misbehavior may mean instant dismissal from the College.