All campus institutions are noted for ‘discipline’. This word does not stand for ‘control’ or ‘suppression’ as is mistakenly understood. Rather, it means following a set of rules that ensures a “responsible exercise of one’s freedom.”

Rules form part and parcel of every institution. Nevertheless, we believe that “rules are for humans, not humans for rules.” And so exceptions can be envisaged. Obviously, students who take the law into their own hands have to pay the consequences! The authorities go out of their way to contact the students, dialogue with offenders and consider their case sympathetically so as to be reasonable with the penalties imposed on them, when necessary, for the maintenance of discipline.


  • Students who drop lectures/practical will have to face disciplinary action.
  • Special arrangements will be made for those who cannot appear for a test/examination/seminar/assignment because of involvement in some activity concerning the College/University (e.g., playing a match, participating in a competition), provided they have the permission of the Principal.
  • Any student found using unfair means at a College test/examination /seminar/assignment will receive a ‘zero’ in the respective paper and may be asked to leave the College in the following term/year. The penalties imposed by the discipline committee will be final and binding on the student. Students must not carry their personal belongings (books, notes, purse, mobile, etc.) into the exam hall. They must check their personal, desks, and seat surroundings before the exam to make sure that there is nothing to indicate an attempt at using “unfair” means.
  • During an examination students are not permitted to leave the exam-rooms. Any student leaving the College building will be considered to have completed the exam and will not be allowed to re-enter the building/examination hall.
  • Students who boycott any exam will forfeit their marks, and have to face disciplinary action.